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1. Are you having trouble collecting patient payments?
2. Do you spend a lot of money on patient statements?
3. Are you outsourcing collections and spending a lot of money doing it?
4. Are you writing off a lot of bad debts?

Would you like to have a system that collects the patient balance at the time you recieve the EOB?

mPay Gateway develops financial technology solutions addressing the complex payment requirements unique to the health care environment. The increase in consumer payment responsibility through the growth of Consumer Driven Health Care (CDH) and deductible plans in general creates a pressing need to assist providers in collecting payments at the point of service and to protect patients by assuring that they pay only insurancediscounted amounts.

Currently, consumers pay over $250 billion annually directly to providers for their health care. In addition, health care providers are forced to write off an estimated $4060 billion annually of amounts owed from patients. Both amounts are growing dramatically as medical costs continue to outpace inflation and plan sponsors shift more costs to consumers. Facilitating payments between patients and health care providers represents a significant opportunity and is anticipated to be a $3 billion annual market by 2010.

mPay Gateway brings a unique health care vertical card transaction capability that allows providers to collect from the patient while the patient is still in the health care providers' office. This not only greatly reduces bad debt exposure but also eliminates the expense of sending multiple statements to the patient long after the services have been provided. The push for consumer retail in health care and the demand on the part of the health care providerto be paid like any other service provider creates the nexus and catalyst for process change in consumer payment of health care provider charges.

mPay Gateway delivers hosted software that supports a business process for physicians and health care providers to collect patient payment obligations at the point of service, in real time. The mPay Gateway Provider Portal is a universal virtual POS terminal. Patient responsibility payments can be authorized at the point of service using the mPay accurate estimator against any card the patient prefers to use. When the claim has been fully adjudicated by the Health Plan, mPay Gateway ensures that the correct and final patient payment is electronically sent to the Provider. By using mPay Gateway, a health care provider can increase its consumer collection rates from the 50% collection rate that is the industry standard today to 90+% that other retailers selling services to consumers expect in their businesses. mPay's business model is transaction fee based, and its value added service represents a significant premium to other processing solutions.

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